Ooma Office Business VoIP Phones

Whether you have 2, 20, or 200 employees, Ooma Office has everything you need in a business phone.

No contracts

We’re so confident you’ll love us, we don’t worry about contracts.

Control from anywhere

Our Mobile App allows all of your on-the-go workers to use and manage their business phone calls from their smart phone.


Our VoIP phones are plug-and-play. Phones come preprogramed to work with Ooma office. This allows our installers to get you up and running in no time.

Easy phone scaling

Scaling your phone system is easy through the web admin, and your monthly cost per user never increases.

Easy-to-use web admin

Our web admin allows you to easily assign conference line numbers, call routing preferences, and more.

Over 35 features

We offer 35+ VoIP phone features designed specifically for small business.

No matter how many users, the Ooma Office monthly service cost per user is always $19.95/month.
Call toll free: 888-676-4144 or 252-231-2377 today!

How does Ooma VoIP phone work?

Ooma Office uses your high-speed internet connection, also known as VoIP (voice over IP) to connect calls. Our business VoIP phones use the cloud to deliver the advanced features and quality of service you’d expect from an enterprise-grade phone system without complex installations.

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It's Natural to Have Questions.

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