Data Destruction

Deleting files and throwing away your hard drive will not protect your data from winding up in the wrong hand. You need to have your hard drives Professionally wiped or destroyed.


Why Should You Destroy Your Data

When you delete a file, Operating systems do not destroy the file contents from disk – it only marks it as deleted, waiting for another file to overwrite it. Therefore, your valuable business and financial plans or your personal files and e-mail messages can easily fall into the wrong hands. Anyone can see the list of sites you have visited on the Internet, the social network profiles you have interacted with, or the applications you have run on your computer.


Personal Information

Health Information (HIPPA)

Client Information

Confidential Business Information

Tax Information


Data Protection Laws

There is legislation in place that mandates organizations, public agencies, banks, advocates, etc protect an individual’s information. Personal information includes name, social security number, driver’s license number, credit card number, financial information, patient information, consumer’s personal financial data. Increasing data security regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, European Union Directives require SECURE data removal. Penalties for non-compliance can have serious consequences, identity theft, exorbitant law suites, even criminal prosecution. You need to make sure you comply with this legislation and safely erase your hard disks before giving them away. Imagine you are a company who wants to re-sell or give away some computers. What happens if the new owner is able to see all your customer data? What happens if a hospital gives their old computers without securely deleting them first and the patient information falls into the wrong hands?

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